Current Projects

CRI is currently involved in the following projects:


The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) is a two-phase, 10-year Adaptable Program, each of five years duration.The first phase of WAAPP involves three countries – Ghana, Mali and Senegal.

The West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (WECARD/CORAF) is the sub-regional co-ordinating institution.  WAAPP will concentrate on selected priority commodities.

The priority commodities, which were identified through a study WECARD/CORAF commissioned the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to do in 2006, are roots and tubers, livestock, rice and cereals.

The specific country commodities under WAAPP are as follows:  roots and tubers for Ghana; rice for Mali; and drought-tolerant cereals for Senegal.  These commodities are expected to make the greatest contribution to the region’s agricultural growth and producers’ benefit from research and development.

• Root and Tuber Crops Improvement Project (RTIP) aimed at adaptive research, integrated pest management and planting material multiplication and distribution.

• Food Crops Development Programme (FCDP)

• JICA Rice Project: The objective is to develop improved water management practices, using the Sawah technology for rice production in the inland valleys. The Project is funded by the Japanese government.

• West Africa Seed Development Unit (WASDU). This is a joint project of IITA, GTZ and the CSIR. The objective of the Project is to ensure that farmers receive high quality seed for optimum crop yield.

• Peri-Urban Plantain Dissemination Project – GHANA/INIBAP: The objective is to evaluate some improved varieties of plantain and banana with farmers and train peri-urban farmers, around Kumasi and Takoradi, in planting material production.

• Gold Finger Cooking Banana and Plantain Testing and Dissemination Project (GATSBY) – GHANA/IDRC/CANADA: The objective is to develop a delivery system for healthy improved Musa germplasm, resistant to Black sigatoka disease and the Banana Streak Virus, for Ghanaian farmers.

• International Potato Centre (CIP)

• CGIAR Research Program on Roots Tubers and Bananas