Plant Health Division

The Plant Health Division’s main aim is to find sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to pests and diseases problems/challenges on mandate food and industrial crops.

Areas of specialization

The division specializes in the following disciplines:

  • Plant pathology (mycology)
  • Plant Virology
  • Nematology,
  • Entomology
  • Biological control
  • Weed Science

Research outputs and technologies
The division’s primary focus is the management of pests and diseases that affect the Institute’s mandate crops. Some technologies developed by the division include healthy seed yam production using neem leaf powder. Other technologies developed in collaboration with breeders include the development of diseases and pests resistant crop varieties which are currently being used by Ghanaian farmers as well as the identification of diseases and pest hotspots for breeding of crop varieties.

The division also researches into optimization of various protocols for laboratory and field detection of disease pathogens and pests in the country.

Research interests
Plant pathology (mycology): Detection of causal organisms of plant fungal diseases, management and epidemiological studies.
Virology: Plant viral diseases detection, management and epidemiological studies, especially on mandate crops.
Nematology: Research on plant parasitic nematodes on vegetables, food and industrial crops with emphasis on integrated management and exploitation of entomopathogenic nematodes for managing insect pests
Entomology and biological control: Research on pests and other beneficial organisms to manage crop pests. Appropriate use of insecticides for integrated crop pests and disease management in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Weed Science: Research on obnoxious and other weeds for improved crop productivity in a sustainable environment.

Areas for collaboration/partnership

The division collaborates with the other divisions in a wholistic manner to discharge the overall mandate of the Institute through joint and inter-discipline research programmes. The division also collaborates with external organizations and institutions to address pests and disease issues of general interests for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The division has a divisional head. Each section is also headed by a sectional head. The division can also boast of research scientists, principal technologists, technical Officers and technical Assistants in addition to National Service personnel and NABCO staff who assist in diverse ways.
The Division is currently headed by Dr. Yaw Danso, Research Scientist.