William Lelabi Kota
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Qualification: MPhil ( Climate Change and natural resources management)

Telephone: +233506986425 / +233554250300

Email: kotawilliamlelabi@gmail.com

William Lelabi Kota is a PhD candidate in Crop Science, currently pursuing his doctoral studies
with a focus on advancing the field of agricultural research. He holds an MPhil. in Climate
Change and Integrated Natural Resources Management from the CSIR College of Science and
Technology in Ghana, which he completed in 2022. Additionally, he obtained a BSc. in
Agriculture from the University of Cape Coast in Cape Coast, Ghana, between 2004 and 2008.
Professionally, William has held various positions at the CSIR-Crops Research Institute, where
he has primarily contributed to rice research in the field of agronomy. Throughout his career, he
has taken on roles such as Senior Technical Officer, Principal Technical Officer, and currently
serves as an Assistant Research Scientist. These positions have allowed him to actively
participate in the advancement of agricultural research and contribute to the development of
sustainable farming practices.
William’s research experience is extensive and includes serving as an agronomist and a master
trainer for southern Ghana for the Scaling-up Climate-Resilient Rice Production in West Africa
(RICOWAS) Project, as well as the Korea Programme for International Agriculture (KOPIA)
programme. He has also worked as an Agronomist in the Modernization of Agriculture (MAG)
project in Ghana. In addition to his project involvement, William has conducted research on seed
invigoration techniques and seedling quality of aged rice genotypes, demonstrating his
commitment to improving crop productivity and resilience.
As a prolific researcher, William has co-authored papers presented at conferences and published
in journals, focusing on topics such as rice cultivation techniques and climate-smart agriculture.
He has also made significant contributions to reports on rice seed production systems and seed-
borne fungal pathogens. To enhance his expertise, William actively participates in training
programmes and workshops related to rice breeding, data analysis, and agricultural practices.
Furthermore, he has served as a trainer in programs aimed at improving technical competence in
agriculture, sharing his knowledge and contributing to the development of others in his field.

William possesses a range of skills and attributes that contribute to his effectiveness as a
researcher and PhD candidate. He is proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,
enabling him to effectively prepare and present research findings. His strong leadership,
communication, and organizational skills further enhance his ability to lead and collaborate with
teams. Moreover, William is an excellent team player, capable of working diligently and
independently. He is dedicated to maintaining confidentiality and upholding ethical standards,
ensuring the integrity of his work.
As a PhD candidate in Crop Science, William is committed to advancing the field of agricultural
research and contributing to the development of sustainable and resilient farming practices. His
extensive experience, technical expertise, and dedication to his field position him as a valuable
asset in the pursuit of innovative solutions for improving crop productivity and addressing the
challenges of climate change and food security.