CSIR-Crops Research Institute Commissions a Land Use and Management Committee
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In a strategic move aimed at fostering sustainable development and efficient land management practices, CSIR-Crops Research Institute has inaugurated a Land Use and Management Committee.

The committee’s mandate is to oversee and guide the institute’s land utilization, ensuring alignment with its research goals while preserving environmental integrity.

The commissioning ceremony, held on Monday, 15th April, 2024, marked a pivotal moment in the institute’s journey towards optimizing its resources and enhancing its contribution to scientific advancements.

Dr. Ernest Baafi, the Deputy Director, on behalf of the Director of CSIR-Crops Research Institute, Prof. M.B. Mochiah, emphasized the significance of the committee’s establishment, stating that, “As a leading agricultural research institution in Ghana, it is imperative for us to be conscientious stewards of the lands on which we operate to churn out improved Agricultural technologies.The Land Use Committee will play a pivotal role in guiding our research and development endeavors, ensuring that they are not only scientifically sound but also environmentally responsible.”

The formation of the Land Use Committee comes at a time of unprecedented growth for CSIR-Crops Research Institute, which has garnered acclaim for its enviable research outputs across various disciplines.

The committee’s primary objectives include conducting comprehensive assessments of the institute’s land assets, devising sustainable land use strategies, and monitoring their implementation. Furthermore, it will collaborate closely with local authorities and stakeholders to foster community engagement and address any potential concerns regarding land development initiatives.

Upon accepting their roles, members of the Land Use Committee expressed their commitment to upholding the highest standards of land use and management practices. They highlighted the importance of balancing scientific progress with environmental conservation and community well-being.

As the committee embarks on its mission, it holds the promise of not only shaping the institute’s future but also serving as a model for other research institutions seeking to integrate environmental stewardship into their core objectives.

The nine-member committee is constituted by: Dr. Sylvester Addy, Dr. Francis Amoako Andoh, Dr. Kofi Frimpong-Anin, Ing. Dr. (Mrs.) Patricia Amankwaa-Yeboah, Mr. John Naa Dong, Mr. Paul Marno, Mr. Augustine Boakye Boateng and Mr. David Kow Amo. The committee comprises of members with a diverse array of backgrounds ensuring a holistic approach to land use and management.

Authored by Dr. Sylvester Addy and Mr. Bernard Sakyiamah