CSIR-CRI Ladies Club Celebrate International Women’s Day at its General Meeting
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With strategic intent, the CSIR-CRI Ladies Club held its 2024 inaugural general meeting, to coincide with the celebration of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, 2024. This synergy created a day filled with inspiration, inclusion, and a renewed sense of purpose for members of the CSIR-CRI Ladies Club. The theme for the occasion, “Inspire Inclusion” resonated throughout the program, reminding the CSIR-CRI Ladies of their potential to make a significant impact.


The chairperson for the event, Dr. Mrs. Patricia Pinamang Acheampong, a Principal Research Scientist, highlighted the significance of the day and its theme in her remarks. “Let this meeting be a roadmap of inspiration as we celebrate International Women’s Day. Let’s embrace the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’ and empower each other to reach our full potential”, she said.

Ms. Hagar Assan, who represented the Director of CSIR-CRI echoed similar sentiments and also revealed the Institute’s commitment at achieving gender equality. She conveyed the Director’s desire for women’s active participation in all activities, inspiring them to recognize their uniqueness and taking pride in themselves.

The President of the CSIR-CRI Ladies Club, Dr. Joyce Haleegoah explained the purpose of the gathering. She encouraged any woman who felt sidelined to step up their game. “Every woman should realize her uniqueness,” she stated. “As women, we have the innate ability to develop ourselves and positively influence the lives of others. We should not take this for granted”.

She encouraged the ladies to align themselves with the principle of inspiring inclusion. Because in doing so, they can actively engage in various important societal activities and become proactive participants in creating positive change.

Dr. Grace Bolfrey-Arku Shares Her Story

The day’s highlight was a captivating talk delivered by Dr. Grace Bolfrey-Arku, a Principal Research Scientist, titled “My Journey, Past to Present.” Dr. Bolfrey-Arku shared her story from different angles, delving into her academic, social, spiritual, and family life. She discussed the choices she made, her career progression in science, and the challenges she had to overcome as a woman.  Dr. Bolfrey-Arku’s message also focused on the importance of virtues like humility, honesty, patience, and self-motivation as relevant tools in navigating the complexities women face in life. Additionally, she offered valuable insights for managing stress, and fear, and finding purpose as a woman.

Bashiratu Kamal Muslim Shares her Insights

Delivering her keynote address, Ms. Kamal Muslim, provided an overview of International Women’s Day and its significance.  She gave a reminder that “International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s history.”  Ms. Kamal Muslim further highlighted the importance of women supporting each other and remaining mindful of their words and actions.  She emphasised the need for a healthy work-life balance, addressing topics such as social life, marriage, childbirth, labour laws and gender-based challenges.  Ms. Kamal Muslim concluded by reminding the CSIR-CRI ladies of the crucial role they play in their own development. Her message left the ladies with a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility.

The Way Forward

The 2024 inaugural general meeting of the CSIR-CRI Ladies Club was a resounding success.  It was a day of inspiration, education, and a call to action.  The CSIR-CRI Ladies emerged from the event empowered, ready to embrace inclusion and become agents of positive change within the institute and their communities. As Ms. Kamal Muslim stated, “There’s no perfect time, but we need to create time to make things happen in our lives as women.”  The CSIR-CRI Ladies are determined to do just that, soaring high on the wings of inspiration and inclusion.

Authors: Patricia Konadu Mensah, Linda Agyeman, Lynda Nsafoah, Dr. Joyce Haleegoah, Dr. Patricia Pinamang Acheampong, Bernard Sakyiamah, Enoch Bobie Agyemang