CRI Gender Desk Committee
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The Gender Desk Committee is a seven-member committee set up by the Institute to exercise an oversight responsibility for the implementation of the action plan developed from the CRI Gender Policy Framework, which is intended to integrate gender into research management, technology development and dissemination programs of CRI to achieve equitable and sustainable development for men and women as staff and clients of the Institute.

The work of the committee comprises a network of advocacy and monitoring of research programs within the institute for gender responsiveness and to ensure that research designs and implementations are routinely planned along the gender policy framework.

The main responsibilities of the Gender Desk are to:

  • Perform gender audits annually.
  • Identify gaps in the process of understanding gender mainstreaming.
  • Upgrading gender framework of the Institute when necessary.
  • Identify and organize gender capacity building modules for staff within the human resource base.
  • Other responsibilities related to gender in the institute.

Proposed Activities for 2023 and 2024

  • Staff and Institute’s clients understand gender, and its issues.
  • Sensitisation workshops to identify the gender needs of various groups at the institute.
  • Regular Seminars, capacity building on gender and CRI gender policy.
  • Presentations at the divisional level.
  • Proposals for funding (gender ministry, CRI, centre for social justice, AWARD, SCALA etc. for the implementation of the gender action plan).
  • Meeting the director and IMC

Members of the Committee are as follows:

  1. Dr. Mrs. Joyce Haleegoah – Chairperson      
  2. Dr. Felix Frimpong -Member /Secretary
  3. Mrs. Sandrah Baah Sakyi – Member            
  4. Dr. Michael Osei Kwabena – Member
  5. Dr. Charles Afriyie-Debrah – Member       
  6. Ms. Linda Agyeman – Member
  7. Ms. Monica Opoku – Member