CSIR-Crops Research Institute Embraces the Culture of Open Science for Agricultural Innovations
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On Tuesday, 29th August, 2023, during one of the Institute’s regular monthly seminars, the CSIR-Crops Research Institute hosted Prof. Sabina Leonelli from the University of Exeter, UK, to speak on the topic “OPEN SCIENCE, DATA LINKAGE AND CASSAVA CROP RESEARCH.” The event brought together scientists and researchers of the Institute to deliberate on the culture of open science and its implications for agriculture research.

Open science has emerged as a pivotal movement that strives to democratize scientific research. Prof. Leonelli succinctly conveyed this notion, highlighting its core principle of making research and publications accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

Prof. Leonelli’s insights resonated strongly with CSIR-CRI scientists. Her emphasis on the institute’s research outputs having a tangible impact on policy and local communities struck a chord. The seminar highlighted how CSIR-CRI can capitalize on open science to disseminate research data and findings beyond traditional academic circles, benefiting the broader public.

Following the presentation, an engaging discussion ensued between Prof. Leonelli and CSIR-CRI scientists. This exchange of ideas not only facilitated the sharing of knowledge but also aimed to enhance the dissemination of research findings. Prof. Leonelli was accompanied by her Ph.D. student, Ms. Joyce Koranteng-Acquah.

The engagement didn’t end with the seminar. The next day, Prof. Leonelli and her student were taken on a tour of the CSIR-CRI campus by the public relations team. The tour was designed to provide them with a firsthand experience of the institute’s dynamic research activities. Visiting various laboratories, including the seed, biochemistry, tissue culture, and molecular biology, provided a glimpse into the depth and diversity of CSIR-CRI’s research endeavors.

They also had the opportunity to explore various research fields. Prof. Leonelli expressed her satisfaction with the progress achieved by CSIR-CRI. She commended scientists for their exceptional contributions and commendable efforts in driving positive change in agriculture.  The visit marked a significant journey towards the culture of open science for CSIR-CRI scientists. The seminar, discussions, and campus tour combined into an inspiring narrative of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and tangible impact.

Authors: Patricia Konadu Mensah, Linda Agyemang, Dr. (Mrs.) Patricia Pinamang Acheampong, Dennis Gyasi Boakye, Enoch Bobie Agyeman, Bernard Sakyiamah