Dr. Clement Oppong Peprah
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Name: Dr. Clement Oppong Peprah

Qualification: PhD Agricultural Science (Biological Production Science)

Current Grade: Research Scientist

Tel: +233 504 34 9079/+233 541 77 5041
Email: c.oppongpeprah@cropsresearch.org, canticle2@gmail.com

Nationality: Ghanaian

Station: Fumesua

Area of Specialization: Agronomy, Remote Sensing, Fertilizer Management, Rice, Quinoa
Research Interest: Crop production science that focuses on sustainable crop production and
improving nutrient use efficiency to understand different yield-limiting factors like crop genotype,
environment, and production management, and their interaction effect on crop productivity, along
with exploring the potential of remote sensing technology to develop efficient, smart, and resilient
crop management systems in the face of climate change to ensure food security.

Dr. Clement Oppong Peprah holds a PhD in Agricultural Science (Biological Production Science),
MPhil (Biological Production Science) and a BSc. (Natural Resources Management) from the
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and
Technology respectively. His keen interest and passion for crop productivity and food security
lead him to research developing remote sensing technologies for improving crop production under
various environmental conditions for major crops such as rice.
Dr. Peprah’s research experience commenced in 2014 at the CSIR-Crops Research Institute,
Fumesua, initially as a national service person and later as a contract staff. His research experience includes “aquaponics-based food production systems, yam-cowpea and yam-groundnut
integration for increased water use efficiency and ridging and trellis staking technologies for yam
production”. He is currently a Research Scientist at the CSIR-Crops Research Institute.
Clement’s passion is to develop innovative, smart and resilient crop management techniques to
increase crop productivity to ensure food security. He is hopeful that technological innovations
will attract young, energetic and passionate individuals into agricultural research and production
in this digital era and utilize the untapped potential of Agricultural productivity in developing
He is a member of the prestigious Crop Science Society of Japan (CSSJ), comprising
researchers, engineers, crop producers, and students working to promote crop production and the
conservation of the environment. He is also a member of the African Association for Precision
Agriculture. He was the first African fellow of the ‘FLOuRISH Support for Pioneering Research
Initiated by the Next Generation program at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
He has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed publications in international
journals covering a range of topics like fertilizer and nutrient management, allelopathy and
medicinal plant use, and UAV remote sensing for crop growth monitoring and yield assessment.
Dr. Clement Oppong Peprah is an old Student of Juaben Secondary School.