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Students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology paid a visit to the CSIR-CRI on Friday, 19th August, 2022. The visit was meaningful and engaging.

The Public Relations Office briefed the students about the Institute and the various research the scientists embark on.

The conversation was geared toward the improved varieties of crops and the general research activities of the institute.

An interesting conversation about Genetically Modified Organisms and conventional breeding really excited the students and peeked their interest in research.

At our research dams, the students posed several questions regarding irrigation. Ms. Phylis Aculey, a Principal Technologist of the Institute, explained the rice breeding research process to the students and answered all their questions.
The team then visited the section on Aquaculture where the recirculated aquaculture system used by the researchers at CSIR- CRI was explained to the students.

At the Biotechnology Laboratory, the technicians briefed the students on on-going research activities. These comprised tissue culture techniques, molecular biology and exhibitions of DNA extractions. There was just so much to learn.

In all, we hosted over 150 persons including lecturers, teaching assistants and students.