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A project inception meeting for the Sustainable Intensification of Mixed Farming Systems (SI-MFS) project has been held in Accra.

The SI-MFS is a 3-year initiative (phase one) that aims to provide equitable, transformative pathways for improved livelihoods of actors in mixed farming systems through sustainable intensification within target agro-ecologies and socio-economic settings.

The meeting was aimed at launching the SI-MFS initiative, stakeholder awareness, creating opportunities for mutual understanding of the initiative among implementing institutions, and discussing and planning for the effective implementation of the SI-MFS initiative. Key activities of this project include analyzing the status, trends, and future dynamics of mixed farming systems to identify entry points, building methods and tools for sustainable intensification of mixed farming systems, participatory co-design of mixed farming systems, advancing and supporting scaling of innovations through strategic partnerships and capacity-building for mixed farming system design and analyses.

Present at the meeting were the project leader, Dr. Stephen Yeboah, a Senior Research Scientist at the CSIR-Crops Research Institute (CSIR-CRI) and Prof. Moses Brandford Mochiah, the Director of CSIR-CRI.