Dr. (Mrs) Ruth Naa Ashiokai Prempeh
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Qualification:  Ph.D. Plant Breeding
Email:   ginathompsongh@yahoo.com

Area of Specialization: Plant Molecular Breeder
Research Interests:  Using molecular markers in the
Development of high yielding
Crop varieties resistant to pests and
Diseases and other quality traits to
Enhance the livelihood of smallholder farmers.
Tel:    +233 244 533 200/+233 322 060 389
Nationality: Ghanaian
Station:   Fumesua, Kumasi (Ghana)

Dr. (Mrs.) Ruth Naa Ashiokai Prempeh attended Akosombo International School, and holds a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI) at the University of Ghana, Legon. She also holds an M.Phil. (Biological Sciences) and a B.Sc. (Biological Sciences) both from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
She joined the CSIR – Crops Research Institute in 2005 and has been with the biotechnology laboratory since. Her research interests are in the use of molecular tools in crop improvement as well as using molecular markers to select farmer desirable traits. She was among the first people who started working in the molecular biology laboratory of the CSIR – Crops Research Institute. She has rich experience in the optimization of DNA extraction protocols for crops such as cassava, yam, sweetpotato, cocoyam, rice, cowpea, groundnut etc.
She has also carried diversity studies on most of the CSIR-CRI mandated crops. She is currently involved in the development of molecular markers for pests and diseases and other desirable traits in root and tuber crops.
Dr. (Mrs) Prempeh won the International Fund for Agricultural Research (IFAR) fellowship in 2011 and a training grant from Kirkhouse Trust, U.K.     
She has a number of peer-reviewed publications in reputable local and international journals. She has participated in several training courses and workshops in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Mali and Benin), Asia (India), USA (Michigan State University), South America (Colombia) and Europe (Holland and Spain).
She is currently a research scientist (Plant Molecular Breeder) and the Quality Control Manager of the biotechnology laboratory of the CSIR-Crops Research Institute.
Dr. Prempeh is a member of the Ghana Science Association and the CSIR- Research Staff Association (RSA).