Dr. Kofi Frimpong-Anin
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Qualification: PhD, Entomology
Email: nanakofy@yahoo.comkfrimpong-anin@cropsresearch.org

Tel: +233 244379549/+233(3220)50410

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-7245-347X
Academia: https://cropsresearch.academia.edu/KofiFrimpongAnin
Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=YL5XqA5x4MUC
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kofi_Frimpong-Anin
Area of Specialization: Integrated pest and pollinator management.
Research Interest: Ecologically sound management of agricultural pests and promotion of pollination services in vegetable and fruit production.
Nationality: Ghanaian    
Station: Kwadaso, Kumasi (Ghana)
Dr. Kofi Frimpong-Anin is a product of the African Regional Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS) and his PhD. in Entomology was awarded by the University of Cape Coast. He also holds MPhil in Zoology (Entomology) and BSc. Zoology from University of Cape Coast and University of Ghana respectively. He had his secondary school education at Mpraeso Secondary (Mpraeso-Kwahu) and St. Peter’s Secondary School.
He has experience in integrating pest and pollinator management strategies for sustainable production of pollinator dependent vegetables (tomato, garden eggs, pepper, cucumber and legumes-beans) and tree crops (citrus, mango, avocado and cocoa). He is thus well vested in conservation of wild pollinators for crop production. Nonetheless, his quest for safe use of pesticide for protection of human health, environment and beneficial insects has seen him working on pesticide risk management in agriculture. Notable works on safe use of insecticide in non-pollinator dependent vegetables include those on cabbage and okra.
Dr. Frimpong-Anin has been working on the fall armyworm, particularly on maize, since the outbreak of the pest in 2016 in Ghana and other countries in Africa. He has so far worked on the biology and ecology, cultural management practices, forecast and assessment of effective insecticides for the management of the fall armyworm. His recent addition to his thematic research is combating invasives with special reference on the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta.
He has attended and presented papers at local and international conferences, has been resource person in many workshops and trainings. He also has 15 peer reviewed journal articles in addition to conference papers, books, book chapters and research reports to his credit.
Dr. Frimpong-Anin is a member of the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science Scholars Association (ASA), Research Staff Association (RSA), Ghana Science Association (GSA), Entomological Society of Ghana (ESG) and Plant Protection Society, Ghana (PPSG)