Dr. Allen Oppong
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Qualification: PhD
Email: alnopp@yahoo.co.uk

Area (s) of Specialization: Plant Breeding

National Collaboration

International Collaboration

Key Areas of Research: Managing the incidence of viral diseases of root and tuber crops. Development of aflatoxin resistant maize hybrids for improved nutrition and health in Ghana. He also plays a role in the development of drought tolerant maize varieties in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, (IITA), Ibadan, Nigeria. Other responsibilities include serving as Plant Virologist for the breeding of RYMV resistant rice and certification of virus-free sweetpotato varieties in Ghana among others.

Most Recent Publications:

Oppong  A, Bedoya CA, Ewool MB, Asante MD, Thompson  R,  Adu-Dapaah   H, Lamptey JNL,  Ofori  K, Offei SK, Warburton ML (2013). Bulk genetic characterization of Ghanaian maize landraces using microsatellite markers. Maydica. (accepted, in press)

Appiah-Kubi D, Asibuo JY, Quain MD, Oppong A, Akromah R (2013). Diversity studies on soybean accessions from three countries. Journal of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (accepted, in Press)

Dayaram A, Oppong A, Jaschke A, Hadfield J, Baschiera M, Dobson CJR, Offei SK, Martin DP and Varsani A, (2012). Molecular Characterization of a novel cassava associated circular ssDNA virus. Virus Research 166 (2012)130-135.

Oppong A, Umemura Y, Moreta D, Quain MD, Adofo-Boateng P,  Abrokwah AL, Ishitani M (2011). Detection of DREB gene homolog in cassava variety TM3B.Ghana Jnl of Sci 45 71-77

Lamptey JNL, Oppong A, Ofori FA (2009). Impact of Yam mosaic virus (YMV) on tuber yield of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) in the forest zone of Ghana. Submitted to the Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana (accepted, in Press)

Oppong A, Lamptey JNL, Ofori FA, Anno-Nyako FO (2007) Serological detection of White yam viruses found in Ghana.  Journal of Plant Science 2(6):30-634-634 (2007)