Scientific Support Services Division


Training, Communication and Publication Unit

The main objective of the Training, Communication and Publictaion Unit is to promote improved technologies through training and material development for increased crop productivity.

• Training of agricultural workers in improved technologies through short courses
• Production of agricultural extension materials such as Crop production guides, Flip Charts, Farmers' Hand books, Fact sheets and Video clips

• Trained over 100 research technicians and extension officers from nine African countries in crop management research
• Developed and conducted a tailor-made seed course for seed officers from Benin
• Conducted collaborative courses in seed production and marketing for over 100 participants from 12 West African countries
• Developed and conducted local collaborative courses in roots and tubers (cassava, cocoyam, sweetpotato and yam) for over 150 participants from MOFA, CRI and SARI.
• Produced and distributed over 100,000 instructional and extension materials ( Crop production guides, Flip Charts, Farmers' Hand books, Fact sheets and Video clips) among farmers, NGOs, MOFA staff and Institutional libraries


The main objective of the Biometrics Unit is to:
• use computers for experimental design and data analysis and interpretation of results
• provide advice on the design of experiments, surveys, and modeling studies.
• provide guidance on how best to store and mange data on the computer.
• provide training on the use of data management packages such as EXCEL, ACCESS and statistical packages which are available such as GENSTAT, SAS, SPSS, EPINFO, STATA S-PLUS and many others.
• provide information technology services to all staff.


The division provides statistical and computing support to all scientists on a broad range of topics, such as:
• Experimental design, genotype by environment trials, agronomy, pathology and entomology experiments
• Research is conducted in areas of agroclimatology
• Multi-environmental trials
• Statistical genetics
• Population genetics
• Medical trials


• The division has a good reputation for providing excellent specialized courses on statistics.
• Training has been provided in the form of courses to scientists in other research institutes in Ghana.
• The Division has provided advice on use of statistics, statistical packages, study design, statistical analysis and data management services.


PRSS & Library

To support the research programmes of the institute with information needs through the provision of journals, books and technical reports. Other sources of information are databases and the internet.

• Updating of the GHAGRI Data base, which is essentially information on agriculture research activities in Ghana .
• Liaising with other GAINS Libraries for information for research.
• Mandatory library routine activities.
• Acquisition and classification of materials.
• Charging and discharging of books etc.

• Rendered service to Agricultural Students of the Universities.
• Provide information to Scientists.