Successfully implemented projects

The following bilateral projects have been successfully implemented by CRI on behalf of the Government of Ghana

• Ghana Grains Development Project (GGDP).This was a bilateral aid venture between the Governments of Ghana and Canada . The objective of GGDP was to develop improved varieties of maize and legumes and their production technologies whose adoption will make Ghana self-sufficient in these crops.

• National Root and Tuber Crops Improvement Project (NRTCIP). This was the research component of the Small holder Rehabilitation Development Programme (SRDP). The objectives of the project were to develop improved varieties, production technologies as well as control important pests and diseases of root and tuber crops to ensure a sustainable increased production of these crops.

• Valley Bottom Rice Development Project. This project was funded with a World Bank credit facility. The objective was to generate technologies for rice-based cropping systems to increase rice production to the level of self-sufficiency in Ghana .

• Plantain Improvement Project. This was a bilateral aid venture between the Government of Ghana and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada . The objective of the Project is to generate technologies for the improvement of the plantain crop.