The Finance Division is made up of two Sections namely:

Salaries and Projects Section

Stores and Procurement Section

These two sections are managed by Sectional Heads who report directly to the Finance Divisional Head.

• To provide a machinery for recording Financial transactions to comply with legal and other statutory requirements.
• To provide suitable information in the preparation of Annual Budgets, Management Reports and Final Accounts.
• Establish internal Control Measures to safeguard the financial assets of the Institute.

• Preparation of Nominal and Payrolls for every month.
• Procurement and purchasing of assests and consumables.
• Postings of transactions of a period both manually and electronically (computer based) for the Institute and other donor projects.
• Reconciling various Bank Accounts.
• Submission of reports to management and Ministries.

• Prompt payments of Salaries.
• Timely preparation and submission of Financial Statements and Returns.