A number of crop varieties developed by the CSIR-Crops Research Institute have been recommended for release by the National Varietal Release and Registration Committee. The committee inspected rice and sweetpotato fields developed by researchers of the Institute on 30th August, 2017.
The Institute presented six (6) lowland rice varieties and three (3) varieties of sweetpotato for release. After the filed inspections and presentations by the lead scientists, Dr. Maxwell Asante and Dr. Ernest Baafi, all six rice varieties were recommended for release. The Committee also recommended two out of the three sweetpotato varieties.

The proposed names for the rice varieties were CRI-Dartey, CRI-Kantinka, CRI-Oboafo, CRI-Emopa, CRI-Adepa and CRI-AuntyJane with expected yields of between 2 to 18 percent more than the local variety. All six varieties are aromatic, have long grains and are resistant to the Rice Yellow Mottle disease. They also have a global standard milling recovery rate of between 66-69 percent.
The Institute expects to produce about 20MT of seeds from these varieties. Economic analysis of these varieties resulted in an average benefit-cost ratio (BCR) of 2.5 indicating profitability.
The recommended sweetpotato varieties, CRI-Okuyin and CRI-Mbofra have potential yields of between 36-39 tonnes/hectare. The Institute was encouraged to conduct more research into the third sweetpotato variety, CRI-Gavana and present it for release as soon as possible.

A cross section of the National Varietal Release and Registration Committee during the presentations

Members of the committee busily reading the documents presented by the Institute

The committee visited the rice fields to inspect the proposed varieties

The rice breeder, Dr. Maxwell Asante explaining a point to the committee during the field visit

The rice fields established by the Institute

The Chairman of the committee, Mr Seth Osei-Akoto asking the rice breeder a few questions

The committee also visited the sweetpotato fields

The sweetpotato breeder, Dr. Ernest Baafi explaining what happens at the sweetpotato field to the committee

One of the sweetpotato varieties presented to the committee for recommendation

It was a “hands-on” inspection by the committee at the sweetpotato field

Dr. Maxwell Asante takes the committee through his presentation after the field visit

Dr. Ernest Baafi takes the committee through his presentation after the field visit