The following services are available at the Biotechnology Laboratory of the Institute

  • Indexing of Cassava, Sweetpotato and Yam Plants Using Molecular Based Diagnostic Systems
        This is ideal for farmers, extension officers and researchers as they distribute and sell premium     quality planting materials of vegetatively propagated crops. Its use will reveal the health status of     your planting materials in order to ensure that only clean materials are distributed. Research has     shown that the use of clean planting materials increase yield by as much as 30 percent.
  • Indexing of Sweetpotato Using Ipomoea setosa Grafting and NCM ELISA for Disease Diagnostics
        This is also ideal for researchers, extension officers, farmers and individuals interested in the     production and distribution of quality, clean planting materials.
  • DNA Extraction and Crop Genotyping
  • Mass Rapid Production of Certified Clean Planting Materials of Cassava, Yam, Sweetpotato, Plantain, Cocoyam and Taro
  • Molecular diagnostics of viruses in cassava, yam and sweetpotato using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to ensure the availability of quality declared planting materials in the country to prevent loss by pests and diseases.
  • Genetic fingerprinting to determine the relationship among crop varieties to enhance crop improvement.
  • Marker assisted selection for targeted traits to hasten the breeding cycle.
  • Tagging of genes of interest